KNOW-HOW: choose the Healthy be good model to create innovation in your territory too.


Thanks to the Healthy be good know-how you can best structure your business, choosing among the various categories of catering (from fast food, to slow food, up to gourmet restaurants), starting from an analysis of the population in the surrounding area, until to the training of all the staff and to the complete creation of the premises.

A winning team of professionals will join you step by step, up to the opening of your business, with a continuous support of continuous training and development, for complete customer satisfaction.

OUR BRAND: a brand designed by professionals to become leaders in the restaurant and wellness sector.

The Healthy be good brand has been designed to be widely distributed internationally. Healthy be good is a registered trademark.




Healthy be good want to become a reference point for eat properly and healthily in the field of restaurant.
A choice to be followed to definitively change and in a successful way your lifestyle.

1) The Healthy be good format
The Healthy be good format provides the staging and the organization of the place following standard pattern. This system provides the granting to the affiliated of mark rights, decorative models, designations and sign, systems, methods, recipes, software, operations manuals, colors, arrangement of the furniture, staff uniform and Know-how.
Healthy be good can design different format suitable for every need.
Our retail offer consists of:
Healthy be good Market food is suitable for main cities to choose as target.
Parameters for our restaurants:
business place of 85-100 mq for 60 seating positions.
Areas of great passage, both in shopping malls and in central areas of cities.

2) The Healthy be good franchising
Choosing to become franchisee of Healthy be good means become part of a structure with great potential for growth all over the world.
Thank to Know-how Healthy be good you can better structure your activity, starting from a population analysis in the surrounding area, until fully formation of all the staff and the complete creations of the place.
A winning team of sector professional will assist you step by step, until the opening of your activity, with following support of continuing formation and development, for the complete satisfaction of customers.
Our strong points are quality, menu and price. (for the moment, there are not in the market similar places that offer healthy food with quality products and accessible prices). The market is constantly expanding, the is big demand from below but few and inappropriate offer.

Our brand has been studied by professional to become leader in the restaurant field.
The healthy be good brand has been designed to be understood in a maximal manner at the international level.
Healthy be good is a registered trademark protected by the respective rights.

• Estimated annual turnover with 6/7 employees: 400.000-500.000 euros/year
• Entry fee? It depends by the geographical context
• Continuing formation at the workplace for the first 2 months
• Franchisee exclusive on purchases of raw materials on the area of responsibility
• Franchisee exclusive on purchases of drinks on the area of responsibility
• Fixed royalties by year in accordance to the business plan
• Marketing rate of fee to be defined on the annual turnover
• Exclusive of area with population rate of 150.000 people
• Duration of the commercial affiliation contract of 5 years

• Fully formation about every aspect of the activity with the support of our staff in the pre-opening phase and in the following two months.
• Help for research, location choice and supply furniture.
• Detailed Business Plan
• Purchases of raw materials through the restricted area of the Healthy be good portal.
• Marketing action carried out by Healthy be good
The initial investment depends on the type of restaurant that you want, the city and the restaurant size.
After examining the investor needs we will able to provide a complete Business Plan quickly.

Invest on Healthy be good project means satisfy the most important need of people’s lives.
All together to get a single result:


Per info e dettagli potete inviare una e-mail all’indirizzo info@healthybegood.com oppure contattare il Dott. Marino al numero +39 3496199270.

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