Dietitian and Professional of physical and sport activities; specialized in Sports Sciences and Fitness.
Creator of the HND (Healthy Natural Diet) method.
Among his patients are currently top athletes, in particular professional cyclists, ultramarathon athletes and trail runners, rugby players, triathletes, sprinters, soccer players and boxers. Among the minor and amateur categories mostly runners, cyclists, triathletes.




Wife and life partner of Dr. Marino, creator of the Healthy be Good menus, which not only are scientifically balanced in the contribution of all the nutrients required by the cells, but also exciting in colors and taste. Her mission is to dispel commonplaces that see plant-based cuisine as unfinished, limited and sad. On the contrary, you can make the palate explode with pleasure, celebrating the triumph of colors and varieties that the plants offer. It s a culture that Silvia wants to share with the whole world bringing Healthy be good in every city, in every territory so that more and more people can have information relevant to their own and others well-being.


After university training and years of work experience in the field of nutrition, Dr. Mariano Marino develops, in 2014, Healthy Natural Diet (HND), a type of healthy diet which, more than a simple diet, is a guide for one healthy lifestyle, rich in energy and well-being, able to bring significant benefits to health.

Several categories of people have found significant improvements following the HND model: from athletes to professional athletes, to subjects suffering from various metabolic diseases related to obesity. These people, improving their lifestyle, have healed from their respective diseases, also suspending the chronic use of some drugs: simply by implementing the principles set out by Dr. Marino, from 2018 indicated in the book “Healthy Natural Diet, the HND method” , translated into English.

Dr. Marino has always declared: “If you want to stay healthy and fit, you need to improve your lifestyle, and all this can be done starting from the first fundamental element for our existence: food”.
“Because of a wrong diet, and the consequent weight excess, in a few years of history, the most common metabolic diseases of this century were born: diabetes, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular diseases in primis, aggravated by an increasingly lifestyle sedentary and full of stress, generated by the frenetic pace of modern society “.
“The HND model represents a valid solution to these problems and allows the inversion of this trend. We are not born to get sick and consume drugs, our goal is to seek health and well-being, starting from the simplest habits: food and physical activity. We must go back to the origins, so it is necessary to change food habits first. Restaurants must become pharmacies and hospitals of the future”.


From these reflections “Healthy be good” is born, in order to offer people a natural and healthy diet, where by diet we mean the widest meaning of the term deriving from the Greek: lifestyle.
Healthy be good” takes care of the aspects necessary to maintain a healthy body: nutrition, together with physical exercise.
These fundamentals are fully explained in the book “Healthy Natural Diet, the HND method” written by Dr. Marino.



Our goal is to guide people to improve their well-being and their health, with the acquisition of healthy and correct eating habits and lifestyle in general.
All the dishes proposed in our premises are natural and contribute to improving people’s health.
You will no longer have to worry about what is hidden in our dish, if refined sugars and derivatives, preservatives, dyes or various additives have been added, if the fats are cooked, if the cooking techniques are adequate, just think of frying or grilling that involve the loss of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants, as well as oxidation and rancidity of fats, making them potentially dangerous foods.
Healthy be good is the place where while having lunch or dinner everyone can enjoy meals that bring benefits to their health.
Promoting natural food, enhancing local production without the use of pesticides and toxic-harmful substances, protecting the environment from harmful damage caused by intensive breeding: this is also our mission!



Healthy be good is a new concept of catering exportable all over the world: restaurants will be the pharmacies and hospitals of the future!
By feeding with the foods offered by our dishes, people can improve their wellbeing and performance, be more active and energetic, as well as avoid or treat the main metabolic diseases with advantages for the National Health Services and citizens’ taxes.
Healthy be good is not just food and lifestyle, but also ethics: we aim at a food that does not involve cruelty, that protects animals and their rights, in order to deliver to our children a living, civilized planet, without poisons or devastation.
We begin this journey in Puerto Rico, south of Gran Canaria, where Dr. Marino and his wife live and organize training and wellness courses (www.healthynaturaldiet.eu), immersed in an ideal climate for training between sun and sea, essential elements of our life.

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